Colin Dyer

Independent Consultant

Colin Dyer is an Independent Asset Integrity and Process Safety Management consultant. Colin retired from Shell early 2014 and has over 30 years’ experience within Shell E&P upstream operations in Nigeria, Syria, Gabon, PDO and Brunei, managing senior positions in production operations, commissioning and maintenance management. Also Involved with a wide range of external oil companies and joint venture partners executing due diligence reviews, risk assessments and venture set up requirements.

For the past 10+ years until retirement Colin was based in Dubai & Oman focusing on Asset Integrity & Process Safety Management, responsible for managing and monitoring all Asset Integrity & Process Safety improvement programs within Shell Middle East joint ventures and monitoring compliance within new growth projects. Also responsible for providing specialist Operational Readiness and Maintenance & Integrity advice to Regional Operating units.

Qualifications: BSc (Hons) Mechanical Engineering, CEng, F.I.Mech.E. and Eur Eng

8:55 AM Welcome remarks from the summit Chairman

12:00 PM Panel discussion: Assessing the key processes, tools and value of sharing and learning from incidents

Learn how companies are eliminating or reducing the risk of harm through industry sharing of data. Gain insights on the key symptoms for not learning from incidents and about effective means of disseminating recommended corrective actions to prevent a reoccurrence.

8:50 AM Opening remarks from the summit Chairman

8:50 AM Opening remarks from the summit Chairman

9:30 AM Panel discussion: Effective Management of Change (MoC) in AIPSM

Learn the best methodology for adopting the principles discussed throughout the second day, through prioritising safety, reflecting learnings into the codes and procedures, and allowing for transparency and accurate reporting. Understand what MoC techniques have been used by IOCs and NOCs to ensure these principles are adopted effectively without creating new risks.