Ayssar Hanza

Risk Engineering Director

12:00 PM Panel discussion: Assessing the key processes, tools and value of sharing and learning from incidents

Learn how companies are eliminating or reducing the risk of harm through industry sharing of data. Gain insights on the key symptoms for not learning from incidents and about effective means of disseminating recommended corrective actions to prevent a reoccurrence.

2:00 PM Interactive session: Live examples of learning from incidents

This session involves a hypothetical incident scenario and allows the attendees to ask questions in order to run a mock inspection and learn from each other’s practices, followed by recommendations from the session chair.

9:30 AM Panel discussion: Effective Management of Change (MoC) in AIPSM

Learn the best methodology for adopting the principles discussed throughout the second day, through prioritising safety, reflecting learnings into the codes and procedures, and allowing for transparency and accurate reporting. Understand what MoC techniques have been used by IOCs and NOCs to ensure these principles are adopted effectively without creating new risks.

10:30 AM Moving personal learning to the corporate level

Understand the need for AIM programmes to reflect personal learnings from past experiences to the corporate level, by systematically updating and improving codes and standards to ensure past mistakes are not repeated.

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