Kevin Lacy

Proactive Real Time Solutions (Former Senior Vice President, Drilling, Talisman Energy, BP, Chevron)

9:00 AM A look at lessons from disasters: Why do we repeat them and how can we learn from them?

Understand why companies have often failed to learn from lessons that have been identified in incident reports and how they can improve asset integrity and process safety by doing so more effectively.

  • Mature, effective asset management must be proactive not reactive.
  • Approaches to developing a “mindful, learning workforce culture”
  • Using the concept of threats to overcome problems with risk assessments

12:00 PM Panel discussion: Assessing the key processes, tools and value of sharing and learning from incidents

Learn how companies are eliminating or reducing the risk of harm through industry sharing of data. Gain insights on the key symptoms for not learning from incidents and about effective means of disseminating recommended corrective actions to prevent a reoccurrence.

1:00 PM Identifying Hazards and Risks Activity

Objective: To understand how hazards give rise to risks at a given workplace. This session gives an opportunity for attendees to share their experience on the most significant hazards and risks where they worked or work. Task: The session begins with a brief example of a significant hazard that is common to most work sites.

The group will then actively start working to:

  • Go over past experiences of the common hazard from the group’s experience.
  • Identify the causes and the level of control of key risks.
  • Gain insights into effective techniques and approaches to analyze the problem
  • Address why past actions have had gaps in effectiveness.
  • Develop a plan for impact and sustainability.
  • Address common factors leading to failure.
  • Expected outcome - Experience and learn effective approaches to addressing common hazards.

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