Michael Nates

Managing Director
Nates Associates

9:30 AM Panel discussion: Effective Management of Change (MoC) in AIPSM

Learn the best methodology for adopting the principles discussed throughout the second day, through prioritising safety, reflecting learnings into the codes and procedures, and allowing for transparency and accurate reporting. Understand what MoC techniques have been used by IOCs and NOCs to ensure these principles are adopted effectively without creating new risks.

10:00 AM Compliance in a cross-cultural context – rules are not enough

Gain insight into how organisational cultures and internal politics can influence procedures and at times make other business objectives supersede safety. Address these problems by ensuring asset integrity and process safety are a primary focus, and the plant is always operated and maintained in a safe manner and given tools to communicate the problems with confidence.

1:00 PM Measuring human performance: The next big challenge

Objective: To understand how human factors are taken into consideration to ensure assets are safe

Task: The session begins with a brief example of human performance measurement techniques used by the leader

The attendees and the leader will then be given the opportunity to:

  • Cover some common examples of the human factors as they relate to safety
  • Discuss worker fatigue risk management including the benefits and challenges
  • Look at case studies from each group member on organisational change management
  • Discuss the philosophy of ‘making a change, managing hazards, protecting people’

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Michael.

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